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6 Ways Brand Design Can Improve Your Business

When talking about branding, the first thing that might come to mind is the visuals—logo, fonts, colors, etc—but a brand identity is much more. 

Brand identity design is a visual representation of a business or organization that portrays the vision, values, and personality of the company. Besides just visual brand aspects, brand identity design includes determining mission, value, and vision statements, building target audience personas, and promoting brand pillars that lead the business into the future.

Here are six ways brand identity design can improve your business.

  1. Design Determines First Impressions
  2. Branding Helps Build Trust
  3. Branding Communicates Personality
  4. Design Makes a Brand Memorable
  5. Strong Brands Generate Revenue
  6. Branding Helps Drive Loyalty

1. Design Determines First Impressions

According to Adroll, it takes an audience just 17 to 50 milliseconds to determine a first impression of a brand. For some perspective, the average human blink lasts only a tenth of a second which is 100 milliseconds. Talk about quick!

A strong, attractive brand makes potential customers more likely to explore and purchase whereas an unclear brand can steer them away. 

2. Branding Helps Build Trust

Strong brands are built on trust, and small businesses with a loyal customer base are unstoppable. According to Forbes, 76% of consumers trust small businesses more than larger companies. So make your mark! (or let us make it for you).

A cohesive brand identity across all applications like business cards, websites, social media, and marketing materials add a level of professionalism to your brand. That builds initial trust with your target audience and keeps them coming back.

3. Branding Communicates Personality

The goal of every business is to attract its ideal customers. An unclear brand identity makes it challenging to identify your brands personality and narrow down customers that align.

Through all the tools of an effective brand identity—fonts, colors, patterns, typographic treatment, copywriting, brand tone, etc.—a brand can effectively communicate its personality. Building a robust brand personality will draw in target market customers.

4. Design Makes a Brand Memorable

With endless ad clutter, social media noise, and political shouting, it can be a challenge for your brand to stand out. That’s not to mention having your brand be remembered!

Without a brand identity direction, there is no clear identifier for your business making it harder to remember. Using a signature color can increase brand recognition by 80%. Think of Coca-Cola red, UPS brown, Canterbury purple, or Expedia yellow. All these brand have been consistent for years, giving them a recognizable and memorable brand identity.

5. Strong Brands Generate Revenue

According to Small Biz Genius, "Presenting a brand consistently across all platforms can increase revenue by up to 23%." What would you do with an extra 23% in revenue? While branding is visual and emotive, the results can be tangible.

By keeping a consistent brand presentation, customers feel like they can get to know you better which establishes trust and leads to a higher likelihood of purchase than a business without brand personality. As Simon Sinek wisely said, “People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.”

6. Branding Helps Drive Loyalty

Building a brand is not just for a one-and-done purchase. No, you want customers coming back for more. Your cheapest customer is always the one you already have, and branding plays a significant role in keeping customers around.

By building a thorough brand, both visually and through messaging, you attract repeat customers that truly align with your business. Increasing retention by just 5% can boost profits 25–95%. 

Animated gif that says First Impressions, Build Trust, Personality, Memorable, Generate Revenue, Drive Loyalty, Studio Ostendo

Brand identity design can improve your business in countless ways outside of just a visual boost including building customer loyalty, revenue generation, and brand trust. 

It’s time to build your brand. You deserve an eye-catching, one of a kind brand, and we’re here to make it happen. Schedule a free discovery call to chat about branding today.

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