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Studio Ostendo

Shaping Culture through Design.

Studio Ostendo is an independent strategy and design studio. We build brands for businesses and organizations in transition to deliver lasting impact.

Our clients range from startup entrepreneurs to influential industry leaders to visionary contemporary cultural organizations. This unique mix keeps our approach fresh and our solutions unexpected.

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Brand Development Services

We design, develop and ship brand identities that drive success for our clients. Through strong brand systems, fresh websites, and compelling creative content, we maximize your brand impact and longevity.

❶ Brand Core Development

Your brand core drives everything your brand does, from how you design your letterhead and website to how you treat customers and employees. Delivering positive and consistent messages that enhance the emotional experience of your customers is how you build a strong brand. The more you’re able to reiterate and deliver that kind of experience, the more people rely on you and trust you.

❷ Brand Strategy

A brand strategy is a set of guidelines that define how your company will look and feel to consumers. It includes everything from visual design elements to messaging and tone of voice. Without one, you’re not building a brand, but falling into one blindly.

We help you develop a brand strategy that positions you in your market, identifies who you’re speaking to and the best ways to do it, how you maintain your brand, and ways to keep it fresh for you and your audience. All of this to give you the advantage of a strong brand.

❸ Visual Identity Design

The tip of the brand iceberg is what most people see, and although it isn’t what makes your brand float, it certainly gets the most attention.

We develop world-class visual identities that are unique to you, your business or organization, and your audience.

❹ Brand Guidelines

Improve your brand consistency through robust brand and design systems. Through documented brand guidelines and a clear architecture that includes visuals and messaging, scaling your brand should be a breeze.

Keeping your brand consistent is about establishing a set of rules that everyone follows, from the CEO to the summer intern. We help you create systems strong enough to withstand massive growth and scale.

❺ Brand Activation & Stewardship

We activate brands for maximum impact. Having a brand isn’t enough, you have to launch and create an experience that leaves your audience familiar and wanting more. We strategize investment allocation and collateral strategy to maximize the impact of your brand.

With brand activation, we help you stay consistent and powerful—for launch and beyond.

❻ Brand Photography

From launch to ongoing marketing, your visual brand is only made better with tailored photography. By strategizing your content needs and marrying them with your brands visual language, we create photographic images that are unique to your brand.

Whether you need a single session to update your website or ongoing creative to use in your marketing, we create photos that are uniquely yours.

❼ Pitch & Launch Decks

If you’re approaching a seed round, targeting big box stores, or trying to get your product on shelves, you’ll have a few pitches to give first. We don’t just tailor your visuals, but help you tell your story, prove your ROI, and get you noticed by investors.

Website Design & Implementation

We plan, design, and develop custom websites to drive clicks, growth, and ROI. Out-of-the-box website solutions look and perform like it—your website should be as unique as your brand, and a primary revenue-generating tool.

❶ Website Architecture & Strategy

It’s no longer enough to throw up a website and hope it sticks. Your digital presence is a tactical pursuit that needs a strategy—page by page, message by message, click by click.

Instead of a place-holder online address, we strategize a dynamic, interactive hub that attracts clicks, fuels growth, and drives longterm ROI.

❷ SEO Research & Performance Implementation

The SEO game is governed by an intricate algorithm with numerous ranking factors that’s constantly changing. Some are indispensable, almost mandatory for ranking, while others offer marginal boosts.

Fortunately, brand-building is a longterm investment that helps you occupy space in the minds of your customers. We build brands that stick in people’s minds, and work tactically and strategically to make sure your brand performs at it’s best.

❸ Custom Website Design & Launch

Out-of-the-box website solutions look and feel like the styrofoam they’re packaged in. We take your brand, positioning, messaging, and desired customer experience into mind and marry it with proven UI and UX strategies to give you the best digital experience. Then we invite people in.

❹ Ongoing Website Upkeep & Strategy

The digital world is always changing, advancing, and breaking. We help you not only keep up with new digital demands, but stay ahead of the curve. From article writing, SEO prompting, and content maintenance, we keep your website sharp making it a driving force for your brand’s success.


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