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Art of Can Chicago 2014: Kaleb Dean

From dream to reality, Red Bull Art of can features Kaleb's work in Millenium Park, Chicago.

What started as a mock sculpture to present Red Bull for a larger sculpture became the headliner piece in their Art of Can 2014 Exhibition.

From the Red Bull Website:

"The Red Bull Art of Can is a nationwide hunt for creativity, it is open to everyone, from full-time artists to simply those with a creative flair. Be bold! Send a message! Make a statement. Your primary material must be a blue and silver Red Bull can, but you will need to add plenty of imagination and creativity. Make a sculpture, a picture, a 3D model, a mobile, or a piece of modern art, but make it beautiful, colourful, clever, amusing or outrageous. The project will culminate in an art exhibition, where the selected pieces will be displayed and the top three pieces will win attractive prizes. The judges will select and announce the winners on the opening night of the exhibition."

Learn more about the competition on Red Bull's website at:

Kaleb Dean
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