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Brand Strategy Toolkit (Free Download)

Build a powerful brand strategy with this 5-template kit to find your brand’s core, voice, visual identity, and more.

What’s Inside the Brand Strategy Toolkit

In order to compete in today’s marketplace you need to clarify who you are, what you do, and how to effectively communicate with your audience in what is called Brand Strategy. This Branding Toolkit will guide you through the steps of organizing an effective brand strategy quickly and easily. 

From uncovering your brand values, finding your brand voice, and outlining your visual identity, all the tools, tips, examples, and templates you need are in the Brand Strategy Toolkit.

In this Free Brand Strategy Toolkit, you’ll find:

Brand Core Workbook.

Used to identify your mission, values, purpose, and vision.

Personas Template

To help identify and know your target audience.

Competitive Analysis Template

To help you understand the strengths and weaknesses of competitors in order to learn and differentiate your brand.

Brand Messaging Template

To help you write an effective tagline, and value proposition, and establish messaging pillars.

Brand Voice Questionnaire

To identify who you are and outline exactly how you speak in your brand.

Visual Identity Checklist

To help you design a complete and comprehensive visual identity that reflects your brand.

Brand/Rebrand Questionnaire

To help you understand your existing brand and how it might need to change and evolve. 

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Kaleb Dean
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Brand Strategy Toolkit (Free Download)

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