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Kaleb Dean Leads a Variable Font Introduction Workshop at Typewknd 2021

Variable Workshop: Theory, Basics, and Playing with Potential in Glyphs at Typewknd 2021

Variable fonts are on the rise among designers, yet the medium is still foreign to many, the development process slow, and the format still tame. In this workshop, designers will learn the fundamentals of the variable font format by developing simple 'characters' as exercises. We'll make circles change to squares, arrows change where they point, and animation use principles to speculate on a learn about the variable font format in Glyphs.

Watch the replay to the right to see the workshop, demos, and what students were able to produce.

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Static font files require five drawings for five font weights.
Static font files are points on their own.
Variable fonts work on a spectrum where instances are just a point on the spectrum value.
Regular fonts drawn at all weights and variable fonts drawn at pole ends.
Outline of a lowercase 'a' versus what software is actually told, ie. points and handles that output vectors.
Constellation of points and anchors. Why do the points need to move in a way we can visually predict?
An outline of the characters we used, and the animation principles we applied to those character place-holders.

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