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The Nokia Rebrand: A New Chapter for the Technology Innovator

In this blog post, we'll take a closer look at Nokia's rebrand and what it means for the company's future.

I didn't even know Nokia was still alive. My perception of Nokia was that they built little cube phones that were near impossible to destroy. That you could throw across the room or drop off a table and not have to worry about it and I thought for sure that since the advent of the iPhone that they'd been in a serious decline and probably only sold phones to a handful of people. But alas, Nokia lives with a rebrand that does everything you want a good rebrand to do. In this blog post, we'll take a closer look at Nokia's rebrand and what it means for the company's future.

Nokia, the Finnish multinational technology company, is no stranger to change. From its early beginnings as a paper mill to a rubber company and later to a mobile phone giant, Nokia has always been at the forefront of innovation. However, as the mobile phone market shifted, Nokia's market share dwindled, and the company struggled to stay afloat. In recent years, Nokia has repositioned itself as a technology and innovation leader and has undergone a complete rebrand to reflect this transition. 

New Nokia Logo and Environmental Design

The Importance of Rebranding During a Transition

The best time to do any sort of rebrand is when there's some sort of transition happening. This can be a transition to new markets, new mental perceptions, new ownership, or a new product line. In Nokia's case, the company has been moving away from mobile phones and into technology and innovation. However, the old Nokia logo and brand tied the company down to its old mobile phone business. Therefore, Nokia's rebrand is essential to reflect the company's new direction and to attract new customers in its new markets.

This rebrand isn't drawn up by someone who wants a new visual identity for the sake of freshness. It wasn't drawn up because somebody found a new typeface sitting deep in their fonts folder, but it was dreamt up because Nokia was repositioning itself for a better brighter future and a new market.

The Elements of Nokia's Rebrand

Nokia's rebrand was not just about creating a new visual identity for the sake of freshness. The new brand is designed to reflect Nokia's repositioning and to set the company up for future success. The new logo is slimmer and sharper, designed to fit the advanced screens of modern devices. It also incorporates elements from the old logo, such as the sharp angles and the stem of the "K". The new logo is part of a broader brand refresh that includes new modern gradients, color palettes assigned to different branches and avenues of business, and beautiful 3D renderings representing Nokia's technological advances.

Nokia's chief corporate affairs officer Melissa Shobe says: 

“This is a bold step in Nokia's journey and will help us get recognized by existing and prospective customers for the B2B technology innovation leader we are today.”

New Nokia Brand and Logo Billboard

The Benefits of Nokia's Rebrand

Nokia's rebrand is a transformative moment in the company's history. It shows that Nokia is ready to step forward confidently with a brand that represents who they are and who they strive to become. The rebrand sets Nokia apart as a technology company doing business-to-business (B2B) rather than constructing consumer products. This rebrand should set the company up for success, drive strategic business acquisitions and interests, and change the minds of consumers everywhere about what the company is.

The Role of Lippincott in Nokia's Rebrand

The new brand identity for Nokia was beautifully designed by Lippincott, a global brand strategy, and design company. Lippincott's successful design strategy shows consumers and B2B partners what Nokia's vision for the future is, how they're positioning themselves in their market relative to competitors, and the vision they have for the trajectory of their company.

Final Thoughts on the Nokia Rebrand

Nokia's rebrand is a bold step in its visual identity and its positioning strategy. Nokia has done the hard work of building out a positioning strategy and working through its Brand Core to better speak to its customers, stakeholders, and the future. This rebrand marks a new chapter in Nokia's history as it moves into its new markets as a technology and innovation leader. With this rebrand, Nokia is poised for future success, and we can't wait to see what the future holds for this pioneering company.

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