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Brand Review: Red Deer Polytechnic

Red Deer Polytechnic's Brand Review: A Masterclass in Launching a New Brand

In today's competitive world, branding has become more critical than ever. It's not just about having a logo, but it's about creating an identity that represents your organization's values, mission, and vision. Red Deer Polytechnic has set an example for other institutions by launching a masterful rebrand that encompasses all of these essential elements.

Red Deer Polytechnic's new brand design is not only beautiful but also effectively communicates the institution's mission, vision, and values. The new modern design is sure to attract students to the institution. When redesigning a brand, organizations can quickly turn to either iconography or monograms. Still, in this case, Red Deer Polytechnic has chosen to create an "RD" monogram, which intermixes the two letters, representing the interwoven students, staff, faculty, and programs at the institution.

Before launching a new brand, it's essential to start with the brand core, thinking about the organization's mission, vision, purpose for being, and values. On the Red Deer Polytechnic launch landing page, they describe why their new brand is special, stating that,

“It's shaped by people from across the region who care about the institution's past, present, and future.”

They go on to talk about what the new brand means to them and how it will launch them into a better future.

Red Deer Polytechnic's launch of its new brand is a masterclass in launching a brand. They have created a suite of videos, announcements, and even campus sculptures that will reach further and last longer than other types of media. The videos showcase Red Deer Polytechnic's history and values, giving potential students a glimpse into the institution's culture. The new sculpture on campus of the “RD” monogram is also an excellent way to tie the brand's design to the physical campus, making it a part of the institution's physical identity.

The beautiful graphic language used for their print material, along with their unique colors for things like apparel, uniforms, spirit gear, and local original advertising, are all hallmarks of a well-designed brand. These elements help to create a cohesive brand identity that is recognizable, memorable, and appealing to potential students and stakeholders.

Red Deer Polytechnic's bravery in taking on this rebrand process will undoubtedly set them up for success in the future. As colleges across the country are facing a downturn in enrollment numbers with the rise of alternate educational methods, taking a moment to rebrand, reposition, and paint an intriguing view of the future will ultimately set Red Deer Polytechnic up for success.

Red Deer Polytechnic has created a unique brand identity that communicates its mission, vision, and values effectively. Their launch strategy, including videos, announcements, and even campus sculptures, is a perfect example of how to launch a new brand. We applaud Red Deer Polytechnic for their bravery in taking on this new rebrand process and wish them continued success in the future.

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Red Deer Polytechnic Brand Launch Video

Students mingling near the new Red Deer Polytechnic Logo Sculpture

Red Deer Polytechnic Rebrand and History Video

Red Deer Polytechnic brand launch and marketing materials.

Red Deer Polytechnic brand launch collateral

Red Deer Polytechnic logo and visual identity treatment

Red Deer Polytechnic Logo Sculpture Video

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