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Studio Ostendo Among Boise’s Top Branding Agencies on UpCity

Studio Ostendo ranked at the top of Upcity's Boise Branding Agencies list

Studio Ostendo is thrilled to officially announce that we have partnered with UpCity. As a part of UpCity’s Marketplace, we join other Boise branding agencies and B2B service providers in offering our services through this vibrant and growing community!

At Studio Ostendo, we maintain that images shape culture—we make the complex clear, the old new, the formless real, and the aesthetic prevalent. Through strategic thinking, sophisticated form making, and critical engagement, our transverse approach of both physical and digital methods enables us to create successful visual and brand identities, books and editorials, environmental and wayfinding graphics, and communication programs.

Because of our expertise in providing brand design support for businesses in transition, our Boise-based company has been acknowledged by UpCity as one of the top branding providers in our area, as well as nationally in the United States.

UpCity is a B2B online marketplace that connects businesses to trustworthy service providers.

With 70,000+ listed providers—from digital marketing agencies, consulting firms, development specialists, and many more—over 1.5 million businesses have used UpCity to find an exceptional partner for their needs. 

UpCity’s proprietary algorithm leveraged numerous digital signals to determine the credibility, trustworthiness, and recommendability of U.S. and Canada-based B2B service providers. These digital data points—like reviews (both on UpCity and other third-party review sites), rankings in relevant search results, domain authority, website speed, and user experience—help UpCity connect businesses with high-quality service providers like Studio Ostendo. 

This recognition has been largely driven by our 5-star UpCity review rating. Check out one of our favorite reviews we’ve received from a customer:

We were looking to update our branding and worked with Kaleb at Studio Ostendo. He presented us with a stunning new brand design and we have since had him develop our website, create marketing materials and work on other products for our clinic. Kaleb is very passionate about his work and clearly loves helping others achieve their branding goals. I would highly recommend working with Studio Ostendo.” —Marla Dean, March 2023

We are excited to join the UpCity Marketplace and extend the range of our services to help meet the needs of new clients, and we are thankful to our current clients for all of their support.

Kaleb Dean
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