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Blue Sky Homes Brand Identity & Website UX/UI

From property management to real estate powerhouse—how Blue Sky Homes took on a rebrand and then the market.

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Blue Sky Homes Brand Identity & Website UX/UI
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Project Details

Project Brief

With the housing market heating up in Idaho, Blue Sky Homes approached Studio Ostendo about launching a new brand identity that would not only capture the booming real estate business but also allow them to develop their property management and real estate investing platforms.

In all, they need a rename (formerly Full Circle Rent Management), brand strategy, visual identity, plus website design and development.

Solution & Transformation

Starting with their brand core, we outlined a purpose and mission statement that would drive the brand through all of its service offerings: “Giving People More of What Matters Most”. This theme alludes to the financial freedom that a rental property portfolio can afford customers, giving them more time with family, friends, service works, and more. More of what matters most.

On the back of this platform, we built out a brand strategy to dominate not only the Idaho market but some day the regional market as well. Studio Ostendo and Blue Sky Homes developed user personas, brand stories, and messaging pillars to guide their brand platform in all forms of media.

For the visual identity, everyone wanted to avoid the cliche “house” visual often attached to real estate companies. Instead, we kept with the motif of an “ideal outcome” and married it with the new name: the logo is a blue sky of hope, opportunity, and potential. The sky elements, the cloud, and three additional lines give the brand its graphic language that is applied in all visual areas.

As we designed and developed the website, we combined brand messaging with an optimized SEO strategy using sales/brand pages throughout, and keyword-specific pages to garner traffic right away.

Notoriety & Press

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