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7 Idaho Companies I'd like to Rebrand in 2024

In the ever-evolving landscape of Idaho businesses and public works, there exists a myriad of organizations that fall short in brand recognition and customer engagement.

In the ever-evolving landscape of Idaho businesses and public works, there exists a myriad of organizations that, while promising in their offerings, fall short in brand recognition and customer engagement. The essence of branding goes beyond mere aesthetics; it encapsulates the company's core values, resonates with its target audience, and paves the way for sustainable growth. 

While I typically advocate for organic collaborations, certain companies within Idaho present compelling cases for rebranding. These are not merely design projects but transformative journeys that have the potential to elevate local businesses into regional or even national powerhouses. Here, I delve into seven Idaho-based companies that stand on the precipice of brand reinvention, poised to redefine their market presence and captivate audiences in 2024 and beyond.

Mancino's in Nampa

The Nostalgic Valley Connection 

Mancino's holds a sentimental place in many hearts, including mine. From childhood memories of savoring their subs after late work nights of my parents to now, the essence remains—a place of comfort and culinary delight. However, a disconnect arises when attempting to navigate the brand's online presence. Inconsistencies between Nampa and Caldwell outlets and a convoluted online ordering system undermine its potential.

I've been eating at Mancino's for my entire life—my parents oftentimes brought back their subs on days when they worked too late, or didn't feel like cooking. These days, however, I'm not sure if the 'Mancino's' that shows up on a Google Map listing in Nampa is the same as in Caldwell, if they offer the same sandwiches I love, or how to order online.

Rebranding Blueprint

  1. Unified Branding: Establish a cohesive brand identity across all outlets, harmonizing the essence of Mancino's.
  2. Digital Transformation: Streamline the online ordering experience, integrate user-friendly interfaces, and incorporate robust SEO strategies to enhance visibility.
  3. Community Engagement: Host community events, introduce loyalty programs, and amplify local partnerships to fortify Mancino's community-centric image.

Idaho Cutthroats FC

Tapping into Soccer's Surge

With soccer's burgeoning popularity and substantial investments sweeping the U.S., Idaho Cutthroats FC stands at a pivotal juncture. A robust brand strategy could carve a distinctive niche for the team, leveraging local talent and fostering a passionate fanbase. It's no secret I've been a soccer fan my entire life. The industry is growing, and with a strong brand and web presence, Idaho could claim a foothold in the market.

Rebranding Vision:

  1. Strategic Rebrand and Market Positioning: Identify unique selling propositions, capitalize on local pride, and differentiate from competitors.
  2. Digital Dominance: Develop an immersive online experience, including interactive fan zones, ecommerce fan store, and engaging social media campaigns.
  3. Community Integration: Organize grassroots initiatives, school programs, and local tournaments to foster community engagement and talent development.

Athlyt Name and Image Likeness Startup

Here's a grainy, variable font sketch with just one axis

Navigating Dual Audiences

Athlyt grapples with a unique challenge—bridging the gap between student-athletes and localized businesses. Balancing these dual audiences requires a nuanced approach to branding that resonates with both segments while maintaining authenticity. In similar industries, its called brand singularity. This is also the reason there’s so much potential in the brand—not to mention the booming marketplace that’s looking for a standout leader to emerge.

Rebranding Approach

  1. Segmented Branding: Develop tailored messaging for student-athletes and businesses, highlighting mutual benefits and opportunities.
  2. Expanded Visual Identity: The current Athlyt logotype is asking for a custom variable typeface which would easily expand into a stronger visual identity that boasts attention and would gain market recognition.
  3. Collaborative Initiatives: Facilitate partnerships between student-athletes and local businesses, fostering symbiotic relationships and community growth.

The City of Caldwell

Redefining Caldwell's Narrative

Growing up in Caldwell, I'm well aware of the reputation it had (and still has) around the valley. In the past decade, however, The City of Caldwell has made huge improvements, invested in local businesses, and changed the local narrative. Caldwell's transformation over the past decade is commendable, yet the city's evolving identity requires a cohesive city branding strategy to resonate with residents and attract outsiders.

Rebranding Strategy

  1. Storytelling Campaigns: Showcase Caldwell's evolution through multimedia campaigns, testimonials, and community spotlights.
  2. Recognizable Brand Identity: It’s becoming more and more popular for cities to invest in strong visual identities, and Caldwell could use one. Surrounding cities have yet to capitalize on this, and Caldwell could capture the minds of the valley before a larger city takes hold.
  3. Public Engagement: Foster community involvement through town hall meetings, feedback sessions, and collaborative projects to shape Caldwell's future and brand.

Wagner's Mustard

From Local Delight to National Staple

While shopping at a local farmer's market in Nampa, I came across a small booth with dozens of jars, all filled with mustard. I tasted my way through the tasting flight, and then bought a jar of the Roasted Garlic Mustard in preparation for a summer of bratwursts. After I got home, I spent time reading the label which was an absolute treat—it was a fictitious story about a man and his love for garlic who accidentally dropped some in the fire only to discover it made it even better. These sort of stories are chalk-full of brand potential. With dozens of other great flavors, Wagner's Mustard could stand as a staple in refrigerators across the US. It's dripping with brand potential.

Rebranding Blueprint

  1. Narrative Amplification: Leverage storytelling in branding to emphasize flavors, origins, and the brand's unique heritage.
  2. Improved Brand Identity & Strategy: The labels and brand is currently homemade, which is fitting and heartwarming, but not something big retailers are looking for. An improved brand identity would make Wagner’s more appealing to big-box stores.
  3. Retail Partnerships: Collaborate with retailers, farmers' markets, and gourmet stores to expand distribution channels and enhance brand visibility.
  4. Product Photography: the CPG space always benefits from strong brand images. At the moment that’s completely missing and a huge opportunity to drive sales.

Connections Credit Union

Elevating Financial Empowerment

Connections Credit Union, despite its widespread reach, grapples with an outdated brand identity. A strategic rebranding initiative can rejuvenate its image, foster customer loyalty, and expand its market share. I know the importance of local credit unions and the impact they can have at a local level—my mother worked for years at a credit union for farmers. I'll save too much critique, but Connections stands poised for a strong rebrand. Plus, it wouldn't hurt to do away with the complete Idaho illustration as a logo.

Rebranding Approach

  1. Modernized Identity: Revamp logo, color palette, and visual elements to reflect contemporary design trends and financial innovation.
  2. Customer-Centric Services: Leverage the personalized banking solutions, digital platforms, and tailored financial products in the new brand and marketing to meet evolving customer needs.
  3. Educational Campaigns: Launch financial literacy programs, workshops, and resources to empower customers and foster community growth.

The Greenbelt - Boise to Nampa, and Everything in Between

Celebrating Community Infrastructure

The Greenbelt, a testament to community development and environmental stewardship, warrants a robust branding strategy that accentuates its value, fosters community engagement, and ensures its sustainability.

Public works projects aren't always thought of a glamorous branding projects, but for me, they oftentimes mean the most. The Greenbelt, and all the other sections of committed pathways around the valley, like the Wilson Path that I walk every day, are staples to community building. A simple path can improve community loyalty, moral, and health. The Greenbelt deserves a strong brand and campaign to highlight the benefits it brings to communities, and the work of public servants to maintain and expand such a community staple.

Rebranding Strategy

  1. Environmental Advocacy: Launch campaigns highlighting the Greenbelt's ecological impact, sustainability initiatives, and community benefits.
  2. User Experience Enhancement: Implement signage, amenities, and safety measures to enhance user experience and accessibility.
  3. Community Collaboration: Partner with local businesses, schools, and organizations to host events, clean-up drives, and recreational activities that foster community spirit and appreciation for the Greenbelt.


As we navigate the intricate landscape of Idaho's business and community ecosystem, it becomes evident that strategic branding transcends mere aesthetics—it encapsulates essence, values, and aspirations. By embarking on these rebranding journeys, these Idaho companies can unlock untapped potential, resonate with their target audiences, and carve distinctive niches in their respective markets. As we enter 2024, I’ll champion the cause of transformative branding, celebrating companies willing to embrace change, innovation, and growth for a prosperous future, even if it’s only in a few dream projects.

If you know someone or are affiliated with any of the organizations on this list and I’ve piqued your interest, I’m happy to chat with you about what your goals for the future are—Just book a call!

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