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STA 100 Branding and Marketing 2022

Branding the a competition for the world's best graphic designers.

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STA 100 Branding and Marketing 2022
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Project Details

Project Brief

The STA 100 competition is 44 years in the making. Each fall, we bring the our global and local design communities together by inviting all creative professionals to submit typographic work and get recognized for it while building a network with unique industry opportunities in Chicago and beyond.

Since being established in 1927, the Society of Typographic Arts (STA) has been a vital participant in the Chicago design community. We produce events, connect creative professionals, and develop publications. Today, we are a 501(c)(3) membership organization serving as the driving force in Chicago design, presenting a much loved schedule of events.

With a diverse and storied history, our network of industry experts spans the globe, promoting high standards in visual communication with emphasis on the culture, technology, and politics of typography. We preserve and advance the graphic arts while making the discipline accessible to and for everyone.

Solution & Transformation

Notoriety & Press

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