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Sweat 60 Brand Identity & Website Design

A brand built for the next level.

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Sweat 60 Brand Identity & Website Design
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After running for 6 years on Studio Ostendo embarked on a transformative journey alongside Kevin Atkinson, the visionary Founder and Owner of Sweat 60 – a pioneering strength training and personal training gym nestled in the heart of Santa Monica. Our collaboration aimed to evolve Sweat 60's brand identity from its roots to a soaring emblem of excellence, reflecting the dedication and passion of its founder.

Client's Perspective: Evolution Through Collaboration

Kevin Atkinson, the driving force behind Sweat 60, shared his thoughts on the state of his business prior to engaging with Studio Ostendo. His initial efforts were marked by personal explorations, and even prior collaborations with other entities lacked the cohesive direction his brand yearned for. The absence of substantive design feedback led him to rely on his own instincts, often in tandem with his wife. However, the desire to ascend to the next tier in his brand's evolution compelled him to seek our expertise.

"In our business, we consider it our baby...not everyone understands the vision and the goals. I think that's something that's...not necessarily want to share with everyone either."

Solution & Transformation

Sweat 60 had an existing brand that had been bootstrapped for years, but was still recognizable to his many clients. In an effort to maintain continuity, we started by giving a more professional touch to the main logo envisioning it expanding into new offerings and visual instances. From there, we developed a strong typographic language revolving around the Sweat 60 training perspective—training for strength in all planes of motion.

By introducing a strong typeface, Protrakt, that stretches and warps, the visuals of the brand represent the philosophy of the brand. Through visual repetition and injecting language into the visual format, the brand is given life and grows the mental image of Sweat 60 without having to over-spend on advertising, marketing, or brand recognition campaigns in a space as competitive as Santa Monica.

Creative Exploration: Unveiling New Horizons

Our collaborative process was met with enthusiasm on both sides. From our perspective, the creative journey was invigorating, offering us the canvas to distill Sweat 60's essence into a vibrant brand identity. Kevin's testimonial reflects the success of this endeavor, expressing his contentment with the designs, aesthetics, and branding elements we introduced. The synergy of our design skills breathed life into concepts that went beyond Kevin's initial expectations.

"I've been super happy with all the designs, the look, the was nice to have a new set of eyes and...someone with actual design skills on it and not me."

Unforeseen Triumphs: Capturing the Essence in Imagery

One of the project's most prolific aspects was brand photography. Our brand photography session exceeded Kevin's expectations, and left him more than happy with our team's photographic perspective. This unexpected delight resonated with both Kevin and those who encountered the images, underscoring the depth of our commitment to delivering holistic brand solutions.

"I was really blown away by your guys' photo skills...people said photos were super awesome."

Recommendation: Propelling Brands into the Future

Kevin's endorsement speaks volumes about the value of our collaboration. He encapsulates the essence of our partnership, emphasizing that when a business reaches a juncture where evolution is imperative, embracing a comprehensive brand transformation is key. In the ever-evolving landscape of business expansion and potential franchising, a sturdy brand foundation becomes non-negotiable. Kevin's words underscore the importance of a reputable, adaptable brand identity that Studio Ostendo fosters.

"If it's something you're considering, you might as well work with you guys...have a good, solid brand in place...get in front of it."

Conclusion: Crafting Brands with Purpose

The Sweat 60 project exemplifies Studio Ostendo's commitment to not only designing visually striking identities but also cohesively woven brand narratives that transcend the realms of design. Our collaboration with Kevin Atkinson and his Sweat 60 brand serves as a testament to the transformative power of thoughtful, strategic design and the profound impact it can have on businesses aspiring for greatness.

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