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Akimbo Type Foundry Website

How do you design a site that's exploratory? The Akimbo Type Foundry's site tries to do that.

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Akimbo Type Foundry Website
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Project Details

Project Brief is a typographic persona created to escape the confines of economic design work. Speculating on visual forms, typography, and digital connectedness, the foundry needed a website that matched the playfulness of the work and attention-spasms of the studio.

Solution & Transformation

The Akimbo Type Foundry Website enters with a brief introduction, then a wall of custom typefaces, glyphs, gifs, videos, calls to action, and social tags. All of this acts as a visual confessional screen to a face-filter background video. The website presents the user with any and all options of content the studio produces in a way that allows the user to explore and discover.

Visit the Site Here:

"It's all about type, speculative type."

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