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Visions Eyehealth Center Custom Website Design

From have-to to must-have custom website experience for a family-owned business, in Nampa, Idaho.

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Visions Eyehealth Center Custom Website Design
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Project Details

Project Brief

Family-owned medical practices face either one of two outcomes for their internet presence. Either one, they build and develop their own site, and maintain their own online presence, or two, they rely on a large conglomerate network to maintain their online presence. The issue with the first is that it takes time and expertise of people who are optometrists or office managers. The issue with the second is that oftentimes those larger conglomerate holding companies work to redirect online sales to their own offices, rather than the localized clinic. These sites are also rarely tailored to the brand of the office. Visions Eye Health Center needed a website solution that could be custom built to match the premium nature of their brand, while still being approachable and easy for users to navigate and help build their online presence.

Solution & Transformation

Pen and Lens Design had done the brand for Visions Eye Health Center, and so we were already familiar with the brand and the goals. The branding project is available here for reference. When speaking to an audience with the premium nature of the brand, as well as personalized touch in mind, we set out to design, from the ground up, a website that felt like Visions and felt like walking into a premium space while still being greeted by a familiar smile.

The new website clearly expresses to visitors that they can expect a premium experience from a family brand, and also directs users to fill out patient forms and contact forms to drive people to the business. 

This goal-oriented web design approach, while still being beautifully designed with simple navigation, helps site visitors get from point A to point B as quickly as possible. The website design marries the brand with the desired outcome of Visions’ digital users. The site is also built to be easy for Visions to maintain, update, and continue to use in the future.

Notoriety & Press

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The website design marries the brand with the desired outcome of Visions’ digital users.

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