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Bootsma Bookstore Cafe Rebrand

A New Brand Identity for a College Restaurant, Cafe, and Gathering Place.

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Bootsma Bookstore Cafe Rebrand
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Project Details

Project Brief

After a large donation and push to update the physical appearance of the Bootsma Bookstore Cafe, Pen and Lens Design was asked to design a new brand identity with the help of student designers to accompany the renovation. The identity needed to breathe new life into the space, encourage student engagement, and tie into the campuses growing suite of brands.

Solution & Transformation

Designers Gabrielle, Alexis, and Raeann worked to more fully understand the environment, offerings, and happenings of the Bootsma Bookstore Cafe. As part a college cafe, they found that the location functions slightly different than traditional coffee shops. The BBC is home to not only coffee, yes, but also meal swipes, various campus events, bookstore, spirit shop, and more.

To encompass this breadth of content, Gabrielle, Alexis, and Raeann developed a modular system of icons paired with simple type. The icons represent everything that goes on in, around, and through the BBC and can be paired, rotated, and fit together in any number of combinations in order to adapt and evolve with the BBC.

Notoriety & Press

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The new brand identity design responds to the needs of students, admissions, and visitors to the public space.

The brand identity for the Bootsma Bookstore Cafe is adaptable to the seasons, events, menu changes, and community-driven aspects of the physical space.

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