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Elite International Soccer Training Brand Identity Design

A new brand identity for an elite soccer training facility in Nampa, Idaho.

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Elite International Soccer Training Brand Identity Design
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Project Details

Project Brief

Elite International Soccer Training wanted to put down roots and establish itself as a premier soccer training facility for kids of all ages. They were looking for a professional graphic design system that their kids would be excited to wear and participate in at all ages. Having been a budding idea for years in the making, Elite International Soccer Training wanted to put their ideas into a strong logo and brand identity system that could adapt to their environmental needs and their social media presence, as well as all of their apparel and other collateral needs.

Solution & Transformation

As with any brand identity, we started by designing a strong logo, upon which to base the rest of the identity. The logo is constructed out of two custom drawn “E”s that, when flipped and mirrored towards one another, create a perfect square and some beautiful negative space. The beautiful negative space creates a capital “I”. From that, we pull the dot out of the top to represent the soccer ball used in the sport that they're training.

In this gestalt mark, we have an “E” for Elite, “I” for international, and a soccer ball there at the top, which also gets used in the type design. In the logotype, for example, anywhere there would be a dotted “I” or period in the abbreviation “intl.” we pull the dot out of the letterform to match the logo mark. The type also matches a general tone of strength and stability, which Elite want present and push forward as they are experts when it comes to soccer training

To emphasize this idea of sport and play, we took into consideration the field on which soccer takes place which is generally a green substrate. The brand colors  juxtapose that with some warmer colors and orange and red. These warmer colors help make the brand stand out when it's in its context, and gives us a broader range of colors to play with when we're working with the blacks, whites, orange, red and green from the game. 

It's quite a simple solution. But as elite international soccer training has proliferated their brand through apparel, social media, video, and other media, it's become stronger and easily recognizable in the Treasure Valley. This logo format and brand identity strategy helps to establish it in the community, and will grow with Elite as they continue to produce phenomenal athletes.

Notoriety & Press

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Using a gestalt mark like the E, I and soccer ball combination cements the logo in the mind of customers.

The dotted "I" typographic language helps the brand extend into other content.

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