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Masks by Amanda Brand Identity Design

A business can start from anywhere, even a basement, and in a pandemic.

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Masks by Amanda Brand Identity Design
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Project Details

Project Brief

Masks by Amanda started in a basement at the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic. With her husband working in a home for the elderly, Founder and namesake Amanda saw the need for cheerful, hand-crafted masks. 

What started as a small hobby to enrich a few lives soon exploded into an enterprise. To adapt and evolve with natural growth, Masks by Amanda needed an identity that matched the care in the product while also opening the brand up for growth.

Solution & Transformation

As a personalized brand based around a seamstress and a few employees, a monogram made sense. The ‘ma’ monogram was custom drawn to fuse the letters together in a modern grotesk typeface. This paired with the soft-corner details mirrored the care and affection put into each custom and hand-made mask.

Notoriety & Press

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The monogram is modern and confident with an approachable tone.

Masks by Amanda used the brand to grow their business, take on new products, and build an online presence.

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