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Paradigm, A Hair Salon

Paradigm is a high-end, modern boutique in Meridian, Idaho. They women of Paradigm pride themselves on maintaining the latest techniques, trends, and knowledge in the hair industry.

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Paradigm, A Hair Salon
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Project Details

Project Brief

Paradigm, A Hair Salon, was founded by two women in Meridian, Idaho. After years of experience working at other salons, the women of Paradigm saw an opportunity for a high-end, luxurious hair and beauty salon in the Boise area. Their salon needed to look as sharp as the founding women—women constantly perfecting their beauty techniques.

Solution & Transformation

The project called for the use of traditional beauty aesthetics intermixed with a contemporary look. Using a high-contrast modern font set the tone for the brand, while the customized capital R set it apart as a wordmark without invoking the cliché motifs of other hair salon identities. To compliment the type and create a graphic language, a system of triangles was developed as an artwork and adjusting graphic. The triangles feature similar stroke contrast as the typeface and are flexible enough to cover material or be restrained to just a few. Overall, the brand functions well as a strong fashion brand, allowing Paradigm to grow and the brand to grow with them.

Notoriety & Press

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The high-contrast typeface was accentuated with the use of only black and white, and expanded upon with a system of similarly contrasting triangles.

The combined look creates a timeless and elegant feel, while remaining sharp, and on-trend with the latest fashion.

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