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Reliable Waste Service Brand Identity

Trash to treasure: a comprehensive brand identity to launch Reliable Waste Service. Two years later, and the company can hardly keep up with demand.

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Reliable Waste Service Brand Identity
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Project Details

Project Brief

Reliable Waste Service was an idea that had been brewing for years. Believing that waste management is a pillar civil service of a community, founder Aaron Hamstra reached out to Studio Ostendo to create a visual identity that would communicate an approachable, yet humble brand.

Solution & Transformation

‘Reliable Waste Service’ is a mouthful—though important meaning hinges on every word. The circle, semi-circle, and slice emulate the auditory rhythm of the brand name while also functioning to draw in the viewer’s attention. Most often people don’t want to know what happens to their garbage, they just know they want it gone. The bold, yellow circle reminds the audience who will achieve that best.

Paired with the simple shapes is an approachable typeface which reflects the hopes of the company. In a world bent on automation, Reliable Waste Service intends to continue to use manual labor as a way to employ its community as well as connect with those it serves.

Notoriety & Press

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Thanks to Studio Ostendo, the company has garnered over 100 customers through their distinct brand identity on their launch. The team is highly receptive to client concerns and the internal stakeholders are particularly impressed with the team's dedication to helping the client achieve success.

Reliable Waste Service is a brand based on their values: that civil servants are a pillar community doing hard, honest work.

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